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Let yourself drift far from the busy world on a gentle wave of bliss. Let Oasis Nail Spa be your sanctuary of tranquility and serenity. Our all-natural decor is not only eco-friendly, it incorporates a balance of all five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, earth. It’s designed to help the stresses of your day flow away like a river to the sea. We have comfortable private treatment rooms with private access to accommodate our celebrity clients seeking to avoid the paparazzi.

Our al fresco courtyard, with its tranquil fountain and spacious area, makes a fabulous venue for birthday parties, office parties, corporate functions or special events.

The products we use are all natural and of the highest quality. Our aestheticians and nail technicians are professionally trained and dedicated to making every minute of your visit a pleasure. We think you deserve it!

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7 Testimonials “About Us”

  1. Donna says:

    It’s the closest place to Heaven in Burbank. Michelle the owner is wonderful and her entire staff is accommodating and professional. The environment is peacefull and relaxing. You can usually get an appointment in the sameday, which really helps with busy schedules. I love buying gifts certificates here, because my friends are never dissapointed.

  2. Jowel G. says:

    As soon as I walked in, the scent of the aromatherapy calmed me..ahhh…This salon is definitely more of a spa and not your traditional nail salon. There are no massage chairs and no bubbling blue scorching water, but instead wood reclining padded chairs and a decorative brass basin filled with rose petals in warm water. It’s comfy, I like it. I think they need to dim the lights a bit…light is hitting my eyes right now. The leg and arm massage was great, she was really getting into those tight muscles, unlike some nail salons where they barely show any interest in giving you a massage. I do like the fact that the chit chatting is kept to a minimum and no up-selling. I would recommend this place to my friends. Oh and the nail polished offered is OPI and Essie 🙂

  3. Lorri says:

    I never write up a review on anything, nor do I ever email reviewing employees, but this is something that I needed to do. Last night my bestfriend and her daughter came down from Las Vegas for a funeral today. I took them both to Oasis for manicures. Her daughter has had moms manicures at home, but never a a spa manicure. She was smiling the whole time and loving every minute of it. They even added a flower to her Blue manicured fingers and all night she was showing everyone what they did and how wonderful it was. My best friend being under so much stress, had them give her a 15 minute massage, which really just eased all the stress away, including the massage of the arms and shoulders for the manicure she had. I could not have been happier after we left. I have only been coming for a couple of times now, after leaving Alynns nails, since the change of owners and the bad service and then went to Garden Nails, where I noticed a lot of employees from Alynns are now working and giving the same bad service. Not many nail places left in Burbank to go to for good service. If you are reading this review, hopefully you will give Oasis a try. It has a great Zen feel, very relaxing, not that acrylic smell as they do not do that there. I recommend calling and making an appointment, as it is a place where they take their time and are not rushed as many are by the walk ins. The Green Tea is fabulous. I have had the waxing of the eyebrows and this is not done by sitting in a chair, where they chopped off most of my eyebrows. It is in a clean room and very professional. You are in a relaxed chair with many pillows and a warm aromatherapy neck wrap. Your feet are soaked with rose buds and sea salts and a kettle of warm water, which is amazing. I cannot recommend this place enough!!!

  4. Helena B. says:

    Finally, a nail salon that lives up to its name. The Oasis Nail Spa is a mini vacation when I have the time to visit them. The receptionist is always smiling, my appointments are taken on time and my manis and pedis come out looking great. …‎

  5. Jane P. says:

    I love this place! Unlike other places i went to this is a perfect place to relax and to get a perfect pedi/meni. Cant believe i didnt find this place before. The receptionist is nice and friendly unlike the one at nail forum in glendale. Selection of colors is perfect, i dont even have to bring my own opi color because they have it all. I like the girl who did my pedicure she was so nice and very gentle. Overall, the price matches the service i love this place, finally i found the best nails salon after looking for 3 years since i came to the u.s.
    One more service that they should have is the white powder tips which i did it at nail forum in glendale. So i have to go back and forth between these 2 places but definitely oasis is way better!

  6. Dana G. says:

    This is my new favorite place for a mani!!!!
    It’s not only relaxing, beautiful and soothing but all the girls in there were very sweet and respectful. Thank you for staying late for us too. we won’t do it again.

    I felt like I was in Bali…maybe I was. : )

    I will come back and often….

  7. Michelle B. says:

    This is the most beautiful nail spa I have ever been too. The chairs, pillows, heated neckroll, waterfall, music and decor – I drifted off somewhere! I need to go back every week. There are so many services and add ons I can’t wait to go back.

    Beautiful, beautiful a mini retreat.